The Difference We Make

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Your Place is a relaxed and informal setting that has a real ‘family’ feel.  Walking into Your Place you might find a group of people sitting and chatting, others learning new skills on the computer, someone using our telephone to ring up about their benefits, while others are working in the garden.

We do not have ‘clients’ we have ‘friends’ and our volunteer photos (which we proudly have on display) are called ‘Family Photos’.

At Your Place, the door is always open and the kettle always on.  We have a wide range of activities and have no ‘cut off’ time for people attending any of our activities.

Here are some of the many comments we have received from the people who come to Your Place:


“Absolutely important – without Your Place life would be unbearable”

“Makes me feel normal again”

“Everything is confidential – I trust the people here”

“I come for a chat – and to meet people”

“You can be yourself here”

“However you feel on a particular day – it is a good place to be”

“Keeps me out of jail”

“I like learning new skills”


“Your Place has a ‘happy feel’ “

“I get lots of support and encouragement here”

“You can come in for a cup of tea”

“I really think Your Place is necessary for the community because it offers so much”

“I am doing English and Maths and at 64 years of age this was a very big step for me.   I thought I would be embarrassed but the staff are so kind and patient that I have got my self-confidence back”

“There is so much to find at Your Place, from using the phone to having a cuppa”

“Such a great atmosphere, fantastic people coming and going”

“People come from the community for someone to listen to them – this place is a ‘must’ for this community – there is nowhere else like it!”




Kay’s story (in her own words)

I have been coming to YOUR PLACE for about two years now and it has made a big impact on mine and others lives. I have built up my confidence by coming here. The staff are lovely and kind, and are always very understanding.  I don’t go out much – only to family’s houses, so coming here is like a breath of fresh air.  I had a mild stroke last year and suffer from some memory loss, so I struggle with doing any paper work i.e. Maths and English.

The staff here have helped me a lot, and I know they will do so as long as I need them.  I have seen a lot of people come and go while I have been coming here, and most people still come back, either to chat, work, have a cuppa, or just to say hello.  I am glad I came to Your Place.  I have had a laugh here, a private talk and a cry, and have met many people on the way. I will continue coming as long as they are here and open.  A big thank you for all your help and support, and just for being there.  Thanks Kay. xx